Today, more and more people are looking for challenges in their fitness regimes. These training workouts are often recommended by trainers and also featured on online videos and blogs.

This article talks about how you can combine these two and get the best of both worlds by following online videos along with your own workouts at the gym.

As a key component to an active lifestyle, the gym has been around for thousands of years. It’s a place where people can gather and engage with their friends, or simply find a place to be alone and escape from their worries.

The evolution of the gym started in the late 19th century when physical fitness began to become more popular, as improvements in transportation made it easier to get to places like mountains and forests. The rise of newly invented machines such as the treadmill, elliptical trainer and stepper made exercising in your home quite easy.

The internet also played a major role in helping people find places that provide easy access to gyms. Websites like Yelp helped people figure out whether or not they should join this new trend or not because by showing them where gyms were located close by

Today’s new generation of people is more active than ever. The most popular workout is treadmill, running and gym.