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A gym is a place where people exercise and improve their physical performance by using different types of equipment, such as weightlifting, running and cycling. It provides an environment for people to get healthy and make their lives better. Today’s article is about the essentials of a gym – cardio, running, video training, weightlifting and … Read more

You finally got a job as a fitness coach. It’s thrilling and exciting but maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed. How can you be a great coach when you don’t know anything about training or even the basics about muscles anatomy? The key to being successful in today’s gym is by having good content available for your … Read more

It has become one of the main leading revenue sources, creating experiences and building community. With so many people around the world looking to get into shape and stay fit, gyms are becoming essential in people’s lives today. Gym memberships have skyrocketed in recent years, with the average American spending $1,000 on gym memberships over … Read more